Double cat silhouette in my window from yesterday☺️ Mine and my sister’s. Can’t wait until we have 4 cats running around the house! Excited for @sarahjoy624 and her cats to move in! #catlady #cats #cat #silhouette #cute #happy #babies #love #pets #meow #kittens #specialed #skittles #babygirl #chase #yay

Anonymous said: Will you have more pictures from your photo shoot?

Yes. I’m not sure when but soon!



walking into the wrong class




Anonymous said: Do you have any pictures of your beautiful long hair?

I JUST posted one?

I don’t undersand. 

neverbreakingthewarmthflow said: (;x I'm Amy, How long is your hair and would you post a pic of your hair straightened, lovit <3 I will be trying to grow my hair like repunzel's hair, very long. u should too aim for a really long supercool look, that falls far down past your waist, while your hair is seriously stunning :)xxX Try not to cut though , just let it grow long and stong maximised... Don't eliminate beauty, your hair is your hair, never give it up. :)!!!X. I wish you the best!X<3xxx

Hello Amy! 

I’m excited that you’re going to grow your hair out! It can be so fun to have and play with.

I was blessed with very strong, thick, healthy, hair that grows like a weed. It’s my gift. Good hair genes. I have long thick lashes, I have thick shapely eyebrows, and very long (and very strong) hair. With a gift like mine, I feel it’s important to share it.

I go through cycles of growing my hair out, usually somewhere between my hips and knees, and donating it to a good cause. I love sharing my gift! Even after I cut it, it won’t be long before it’s back to my hips. Not sure when I’ll cut it next but I definitely will be donating again. 

I don’t think that it’s everyone’s responsibility to grow their hair out for the soul purpose of donating it. If you love your long hair then enjoy it! The guidelines for donating can be strict in some places like not being able to dye it or thin it or what have you.

But it is important to me to share it. 

As for the picture well, you can imagine it takes some effort and time to straighten all of it. If I end up straightening it for any reason, I’ll try to remember to snap a photo. No promises because it’s going to be a very busy time for me at work the next few months. 

Cheers! :)



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